Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) is a veteran-founded non‐profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded military and law enforcement veterans through physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. Our programs help participants overcome adversity and hardship through innovation, teamwork, and perseverance. This ultimately enables the lives of our wounded military and public service veterans to go in directions they may have once thought were impossible.

OEW is a 100% volunteer-run organization. Donations go directly towards operational support of the organization and our various programs.

oew programs


OEW expanded our programs in 2018 to include Adventure. Encompassing many facets of endurance and physically-rigorous challenges, the OEW Adventure program answers the call of those wounded veterans who choose to push longer and harder than our typical Athletic Events. With activities such as rucks, mountain climbing, multi-day biking tours, and more... OEW strives to provide safe and challenging activities full of adventure and personal satisfaction towards setting even higher goals and breaking the barriers of adaptability. 


As an Operation Enduring Warrior program, OEW archery empowers and motivates our honorees by teaching and practicing the art and sport of archery with a focus on mindfulness, dedication, and precision. 

Athletic Events: 

OEW offers wounded veterans the opportunity to physically challenge themselves through overcoming seemingly insurmountable feats. The OEW Team and supporters join alongside our Honorees in a variety of physically challenging events such as obstacle course racing, hand cycling, triathlons and more.


OEW Skydive’s mission is to facilitate skydiving for wounded veterans from initial training through to the achievement of their USPA A-license certification. This program offers an unparalleled sense of freedom of flight and endless mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitative solutions in what can feel like a completely new dimension in their lives, often becoming a lifelong hobby.

Warriors Voice:
Designed to create interaction between wounded veterans and the community, we send our heroes to public speaking courses in order to increase their comfort level with engaging large crowds and obtain a new, lifelong skill. They can then engage in public speaking opportunities with schools, community and veteran groups, corporations, news outlets and other charitable organizations.


masked athlete team

The team members who don the mask are members of the Masked Athlete Team (MAT). These members have gone through a rigorous selection process known as Warrior INDOC. This in-depth process is composed of several phases of personal, professional and physical analysis, fundraising abilities, and teamwork assessment.

For information on the process of becoming a masked athlete, click HERE.


Masked Athlete Team Call Signs

Sacrifice: U.S. Army Guard Veteran. Infantryman with deployments to Bosnia, Iraq, and combat wounded in Afghanistan.

Sacrifice: Retired United States Army Soldier. Served as a Military Police Officer with deployments to Kuwait, Bosnia, and Iraq before being severely wounded.


Adaptable: Retired United States Army Soldier. Served 7 years as an Infantryman with 1/153 reconnaissance. Former member of the ARNG Honor Guard.

Commitment: Served active duty Marine Corps from '92-'96. Honor Guard at the Marine Barracks 8th & I Washington D.C. '93-'95. Infantry Squad Leader at 2nd Battalion 5th Marines '95-'96. Deployed to Okinawa, Korea & China with 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit '95-'96. End of active service June 1996.

Dependability: Former Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps. Task Force Shepherd - Desert Storm. 1st Recon Battalion, 1st Light Armored Scout Training Section. Served primarily as a scout instructor and battalion rappel master. 0311 / 0313 / 8023.

Determination: Currently serving active duty as a Horizontal Construction Engineer. Served one deployment to Afghanistan.

Discipline: Served in the United States Marine Corps with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines. Completed two combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Drive: Currently serving Navy Reserve “Mustang”. Previous deployment to the Arabian Gulf as Commo for Expeditionary Security Squadron providing maritime security operations in support of OEF.

Empower: Retired Police Captain with 29 years of service. Assignments included Narcotics Detective, Training Officer, Motorcycle Sergeant, 20 years K-9 Unit as an officer, unit trainer and commander, 18 years on S.W.A.T. as an entry operator, sniper, and finishing as a unit commander.  

Endurance: A United States Marine Corps Veteran who served in the 2nd Marine Division (Light Armor Reconnaissance Battalion) as a vehicle operator, and primary marksmanship instructor.

Faith: Raised in Michigan, attended the University of Central Michigan in pursuit of a degree in Exercise Science. Joined the United States Navy in 2014 and served as an Aircraft Structural Mechanic in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

Fortitude: Former U.S. Army Reserve medic currently serving as a Police Officer in Upstate New York. 

Grit: A United States Marine Corps Veteran who served in the 2nd MAR Division as a Machine Gunner in multiple deployments to OIF and as a Weapons instructor.

Guardian: Active Duty Navy “Mustang” with over 21 years of active service and counting. Four deployments to the Mediterranean/Middle East/Caribbean as a helicopter crewman/rescue swimmer and one deployment to Afghanistan as a Med-Surg/ER/Critical Care nurse.

Heart: Currently serving Army paratrooper with over 19 years in service. Deployed multiple times to the Balkans, South America, and Afghanistan.

Honor: Currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves. Deployed 4 times as an Ammunition Specialist and Robot Repair Technician to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

Humility: Currently serving Army National Guard Medical Specialist Corps Officer. Previously served as an Infantry Officer for over 12 years with multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Saudi Arabia.

Initiative: Navy Veteran. Served as both officer and enlisted in the Navy Nuclear Power field for multiple deployments during OEF and OIF.


Integrity: Retired Naval Officer. Served as a Naval Flight Officer in the EA-6B aircraft.

Justice: Marine Corps Veteran. Provided direct air support and CASEVAC/MEDEVAC coordination during 2 deployments to Iraq.

Legacy: Joined the Army soon after 9/11 and is currently serving in the SC Army National Guard 1-118th IN. Served in OEF in 2008-09 and Kosovo 2012-13.

Loyalty:  Enlisted in Marine Reserves in 2007 with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011. Purple Heart recipient.


Mettle: Retired Marine Officer. Served as an F/A-18 Hornet Pilot, Forward Air Controller, and Commanded an Infantry Company. Deployed to Iraq as a member of Task Force Tarawa for OIF.

Motivation: Medically retired U.S. Army SFC who served 12 years, culminating as a U.S. Army Field Artillery Platoon Sergeant/Master Gunner. Served four combat tours of duty, three in Iraq, and one to Afghanistan.

Persistence: Currently serving in the U.S. Navy as a Master at Arms. Previously assigned as a Chief of the Guard for Embarked security teams in the highly contested waters of the East and South China Sea.


Redemption: Infantry soldier, served with the 1st infantry division, deployed during the Yugoslav Wars. Non-combat related loss of limb resulted in medical retirement. 

Relentless: Retired Army senior noncommissioned officer. Deployed multiple times to OEF and other regions of the world throughout a 20-year career.


Resistance: Retired US Army Soldier. While enlisted, served as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant and upon completion of Officer Candidate School, served as a Signal Officer. Deployed numerous times to OIF and OEF.

Resolute: US Navy Veteran. Served as a Naval Aircrewmen - Tactical Helicopter (Rescue Swimmer). Completed deployments in 4th, 5th and 7th Fleets conducting missions in Counter Illicit Trafficking, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief, and Search and Rescue. 

Service: Currently serving U.S. Air Force Special Agent with six deployments to Iraq, three other Middle East countries, Africa and South America over 19+ years. Pentagon first responder on 9/11.

Shield: Marine Corps Veteran (Sgt.), served during Operation Desert Storm with 1st Light Armored Recon. Retired Criminal Investigator and Special Response Team Sniper for Warren County Sheriff's Department, also served on the United States Marshall Fugitive Task Force. 

Solace: Active duty currently serving in the U.S. Army. Served as Special Forces Medical Sergeant during five deployments to Afghanistan.

Stalwart: A U.S. Army veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division, achieving Senior Jumpmaster. Currently working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 

Steadfast: Currently serving active-duty U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer with over 20 years of service and multiple deployments to include Kosovo, Latin America, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  

Tact: Veteran of the United States Air Force. Served as an Air Transportation Journeyman during four deployments to Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Trustworthy: Active police officer with over 10 years of service, currently a member of the department's honor guard. Has experience working in the county, village, and city settings.

Valiant: Infantry officer with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Served for 6 years in various leadership roles from platoon to brigade level. 

Memorial Masked Athlete Team Members

Candor: Active Duty U.S. Army Paratrooper with 20+ years of service.

Unbreakable: Served with 1st Ranger BN as Engineer Breacher. Served in both OEF and OIF for total of seven deployments.