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Masked athlete team


2024 Cycle Applications are due by November 30th, 2023


Operation Enduring Warrior is currently seeking candidates to join the Masked Athlete Team.  At all OEW events, MAT members have the critical role of maintaining Honoree safety and ensuring their mission success, no matter the obstacle or adversity. Behind the scenes in day-to-day life, MAT members fill key duty positions throughout OEW, from Board Member to Program Manager, among others.


If you have questions, please email us at   

To start the application process, please email Nick Cox at for instructions

Warrior INDOC is the try-out process to screen, assess, vet, and train new MAT members.   To be eligible to apply, you must be a member of the US Military, law enforcement officer, or fire service member (current or former.)

The INDOC process is broken into four phases.

  • Phase I: Application

  • Phase II: Checklist (Self-paced) consisting of

    • a) Fundraiser

    • b) Host an OEW event

    • c) MAT PT Test

    • d) Make two referrals to the Development team

    • e) Shadow two MAT events

    • f) Video

  • Phase III: 24-hour team-based endurance event.

  • Phase IV: One-year on-boarding / mentorship period.



If you have a heart to serve others, maintain an above-average fitness level, and have volunteer time to contribute, join us. 

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