Regional Events Assistance

Community Ambassadors are needed to help run the booth at events, speak about OEW at community days, and other assistance. 

To get involved in your area, email our National AO Adviser with your City and State.

To apply, email the National AO Adviser at

Video Editing (Comms Department)

Our communications department is looking for someone who can help us take existing videos and make a collection of reels and shorts. If you have interest and 1-2 hours a week to volunteer, please reach out 

To apply, email the VP of Communications at

Article Writer (Comms Department)

This team member works with the VP of Communications to write engaging content for our followers.  The volunteer position requires approximately 1-2 hours of work a week.  The main task will be writing one-two articles a month to be published in our newsletter and on our website.  Must have the technology to create word documents and the ability to work within a team, following directions as given by Comms leadership. 

To apply, email the VP of Communications at

Newsletter Coordinator (Comms Department)

The newsletter coordinator is responsible for coordinating the production of our monthly newsletter.  This volunteer position requires approximately 10 hours a month and is fully remote.  The member must have a computer with internet access and the ability to download and install programs.  They must have a sharp eye for proofreading and the ability to coordinate across departments, under the supervision of the Communications leadership. 

To apply, email the VP of Communications at

We are always looking for people to bring their skills to our team.  If you are interested in helping out and these postings don't quite fit you, please email us at