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OEW Step Up Challenge
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About Matthew Bradford

Matthew Bradford is a US Marine that was injured in combat while serving his country. He was not supposed to live but he did. The Lord placed him on a new  mission and it was his lasting objective to pursue this assignment which is to live a life of inspiration, a life of motivation and leave an impression on every person he interacts with. A double amputee and blind, Matthew has never let his injuries define who he is or what he can do and lives his life pushing through any limitations that he comes across. He lives by the words “No Legs No Vision No Problem”.


What is the Step Up Challenge?

Operation Enduring Warrior is empowering Matthew Bradford by assisting him on his endeavor to climb Mt. Rainier.

Though he lost his physical vision, Matt’s vision of purpose is 2020.

Matt lives by the motto, “No Legs, No Vision, No Problem.

We hope that in this historical time of challenge, you will join Matthew for a few small steps to inspire hope, cultivate creativity, and motivate our fellow neighbors by joining us with your own #OEWStepUpChallenge.  Please respect social distancing and use this as inspiration to get creative!

How to do your own step-up challenge video:

1- Nominate/challenge others by name or group.

2- Share a tribute to honor someone or represent something that is important to you and carry it with you on your step-up challenge.

3- Step up 5ft in elevation. Keep it simple and walk up steps, or get really creative, it doesn’t matter. It just has to be 5ft in elevation to symbolize joining Matthew for a small portion of his nearly 10,000ft climb.

4- Tag your friends when you post your video on social media along with these 5 steps and hashtags: #Matts2020Vision #OEWStepUpChallenge

5- Support OEW's mission by becoming an OCA, donating (below), or simply sharing the story of our mission.

Thank you to everyone who has participated

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