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Behind the Mask: Valiant

Q: What does your call sign mean to you?

A: The quality that our wounded veterans and law enforcement possess to continue to conquer each day and strive to better themselves despite what issues they are going through.

Q: In what branch of the military did you serve and for how long?

A: Army, 6 years.

Q: What drew you to OEW?

A: After separating from the Army I had a feeling that something was missing. It was the sense of camaraderie and being a part of a team. I was watching too many of my fellow soldiers who served lose their lives and knew that there was something I needed to do. I was doing a Spartan race and saw the MAT team moving throughout the course supporting their AA. I went home and looked up the organization. After looking through the OEW website and Facebook, I was astounded. The selflessness of everyone in the organization to do whatever they can in their power to ensure that our nations veterans have a better quality of life and regain their since of purpose was incredible. At that point, I knew that this was a team I wanted to be on.

Q: How do you stay in shape for the demands of the MAT?

A: Like the military, train as you fight. I wear a training mask and weighted vest every time I workout. I mix my routines up with long distance cardio, crossfit wods and strength training

Q: What is the most challenging thing about being a MAT member?
A: Keeping in mind that being a MAT member is such a small part of OEW. Being an OCA is far more important and is the backbone of OEW. You need to keep informing people of our mission and continue to network to grow the organization.

Q: Describe your most unforgettable event with OEW.

A: Fort Carson Spartan Sprint. Biggest challenge was to ensure that our AA made it through the course without injury due to his paralysis he was prone to bruising very easily. As we all know, all Spartan obstacle course races are known for giving people "Spartan Kisses." The AA's wife was very adamant about making sure that he was watched out for carefully. Then at the end of the race as she realized that he was unharmed and she was able to complete the race gave them both a since of relief. You could tell that they were both in such a state of enjoyment that it was contagious to everyone around them.

Q: What are your daily contributions to OEW?

A: Working with various members to put together large scale events and get plugged in however I can assist. Doing my best to help share the load with others in order for the organization to be successful. Contacting news outlets to let them know about our presence in their areas in order to allow them assist us in spreading our mission through media outlets.

Q: What is your favorite OEW event so far?

A: Big Red Challenge, not just that the event was great but the individuals that we came in contact with were extraordinary people.

Q: Motto or principle you live by...

A: Maximum Effort

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About INDOC: The application process to apply for the Masked Athlete Team, Warrior INDOC, is now an open enrollment. Pre-requisite is to have military or LEO experience with honorable discharge. E-mail: for submission details.

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