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Meet Jim Young

Jim is the owner of Salvation Coffee Company. On the opening of his store, he held a fundraiser for OEW and donated the entire profit to us! Jim has done several fundraisers for us and we are grateful to have him on our team.

What is your occupation? I have a couple of businesses but right now being President of Salvation Coffee Company in Burlington, NC has my full attention.

How long have you been an OCA? I have been an OCA for about 3 years. I hooked up with them at the Ft. Bragg Spartan and after spending the day in the mud with those guys, how could you not want to be a part of it. Before that weekend I was back at Ft. Benning eating dirt.

How did you get involved? I have two great reasons to get involved: Lopez’s right and left butt cheeks lol. Have you seen them?

Most memorable moment? My most memorable was watching the Raging Panda (Nick Koulchar) hit every obstacle.

Why should people become OCAs for OEW? Its a great organization. Not many like it that you can actually get down and dirty with. I don’t think OEW has any “desk jockeys”; everyone gets in the dirt. Just participating and being alongside these warriors gives me, personally, a bit of self-worth.

What’s your next event with OEW? The coffee shop is taking most of my time right now but I’m hoping to join in another Spartan/Rugged Maniac. I would also like to give INDOC a try and be a masked athlete. Who knows.

Thanks for your unwavering support and help, Jim! We’re glad to have you as part of the family.

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1 Comment

Randy Diel
Randy Diel
Feb 19, 2020

Thanks for everything you do!



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