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"Saved" as presented by Nulo Pet Food

On November 7, 2018 Nulo Pet Food launched a series to highlight those humans and their incredible service companions who serve our communities. Team Athlete Andrew Einstein and his service dog, Gunner, were featured throughout Nulo's website and on social media. Sharing their story of strength, resilience, and rescue we learn that this rescue story may be a little different than most would expect.

Who SAVED who?

Watch to find out and learn this heartwarming story of savior and companion.

"I wanted this one dog. I didn't want him at all. I kept pushing him away, because he was like, the runt. He kept pushing through the dogs and jumping on my lap. And I was sitting there and my buddy puts his hand on my shoulder and goes, "That dog picked you."
"I was suicidal, dealing with all these issues, and he still picked me."

You can catch Andrew and Gunner on an obstacle course near you with Operation Enduring Warrior. To follow our race schedule and plan your next event running alongside our team and furry companions, follow our event schedule on Facebook. >> OEW Events


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