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WHO: Over the summer of 2018, two airsports athletes--an American woman and a British man--are going to visit all fifty United States over the course of one, unbroken journey. They'll skydive in each one.

WHAT: When they make that fiftieth jump, the event will mark the first time the feat has ever been accomplished in one single journey. For all but Alaska and Hawaii, the pair will be making the journey in a motorhome.

The challenge is being undertaken to raise awareness for Operation Enduring Warrior ( Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) is a veteran-founded non‐profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is “to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans through a physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. This ultimately enables the lives of wounded veterans to go in directions they may have once thought were impossible.” OEW’s skydive program provides the training and equipment necessary to teach wounded and injured veterans how to skydive, introducing them to a tight, supportive community that enriches their lives long after each triumphant parachute landing.

OEW is a completely volunteer-run organization. Donations go directly towards operational support of the organization and its different programs. The co-adventurers are self-funding the entire journey of Down For 50. No OEW organization funds are being used.

Utah is the trip’s third destination after its origin at the OEW home training base of Skydive Arizona.

WHEN: Friday, May 4th

WHERE: Skydive The Wasatch, located at Nephi Municipal Airport, located at 2001 North Airport Road in Nephi, Utah, just off the I-15 freeway. See or call 385-321-0284 for easy driving directions. Full Down For 50 trip route and schedule available at


  • The Down For 50 co-adventurers, Annette O’Neil and Joel Strickland (bios available at, will be available for interviews upon request.

  • You’re also invited to interview the fun crew of jumpers that call Skydive the Wasatch home.


  • New skydivers preparing to take their first jump

  • Dramatic parachute landings

  • Aerial video footage/B-roll and digital photos available upon request from our on-site photographers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Annette O’Neil, D450 Co-Adventurer:, 213-915-8719,

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