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Two Travelers. Fifty States. Every Single Sky in America.

A pair of skydivers blew through Bozeman on Tuesday and we do mean blew through. An American woman, Annette O’Neil, and a British man, Joel Strickland, are on a whirlwind tour to skydive in each of the 50 states in one continuous trip. They are on this personally-funded mission to raise awareness for Operation Enduring Warrior.


In 2018, two airsports athletes--an American woman and a British man--are visiting all fifty states in America over the course of one, unbroken journey. They'll skydive in each one. When they make that fiftieth jump, the event will mark the first time the feat has ever been accomplished in one fell swoop.

For all but Alaska and Hawaii, the pair will be making the journey in a motorhome.

The journey isn't just about jumping. It's about finding common ground, first-person, in a fractured world. They'll help illustrate how diverse micro-communities like that of skydiving can foster the inclusiveness, mutual respect and healthy discourse that help veterans reintegrate and heal.

Check out their webpage at:

To donate to their mission support of Operation Enduring Warrior, click here: DONATE.

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