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Annette O'Neil and Joel Strickland made their skydive jump over Arizona, performing an incredible air dance before pulling their chutes. They also completed jumps in New Mexico, are currently headed to Nevada, and eventually, they plan on making skydives in all 50 states (even Alaska and Hawaii) over the next six months, making it the first time the challenge has been completed in one fell swoop.

But they're not just making these jumps to set a record, they're also raising money for Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW). The organization's goal is to honor, empower, and motivate wounded vets. To tell us more, Annette and Joel joined our RTM hosts in the studio, along with Brianne Thompson from Axis Flight School, who partners with OEW to teach veterans to skydive.

If you'd like to know more or donate, please head over to

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Ruck to Remember, producers of the annual march to Arlington National Cemetery known as 60 to 60, has announced their repeat partnership with Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), naming OEW as one of the Official Charity Partners of their upcoming 2018 event.

As part of the partnership, a portion of event registrations will be donated to Operation Enduring Warrior to support their mission to honor, empower and motivate America’s wounded military service members. Additionally, the two organizations will work together to launch joint marketing initiatives in support of the partnership and athletes are encouraged to raise funds for OEW during the registration and training process.

"Operation Enduring Warrior is pleased to receive notice of our selection as a 2018 Ruck to Remember 60 to 60 Charity Partner,” said Kelly Farmer, VP of Communication for the organization. “Over the past four years Ruck to Remember and OEW have forged a vital partnership. Together we have covered hundreds of miles, honored many fallen service members, and sought to promote a camaraderie that so often goes missing in the post-military society. Ruck to Remember has been a cornerstone of our financial landscape. Since 2015 we have received more than $100,000 in donations as a result of this special partnership. No other entity has provided so much crucial financial support of our mission. We are deeply honored and truly value this alliance."

An Operation Enduring Warrior MAT Member Leads the March

“Operation Enduring Warrior has been a great partner in helping Ruck to Remember grow our mission of honoring and remembering those that gave all and those coming home carry with them, their wounds of war,” said Keith Jolly, Founder & President of Ruck to Remember.

About Ruck to Remember:

Founded in 2011 the Ruck to Remember’s mission was, is and will always be to empower our nation’s heroes, coming home carrying with them the wounds of war and Honor and Remember those sacrificed all.

Ruck to Remember holds annual Memorial Day weekend event we call our Mission. There are two operations that make up this Mission to Empower, Honor and Remember. 60 to 60 – A weekend long trek that will take from Harpers Ferry W.V. over rugged terrain and down through Northern Virginia as you move toward the Iwo Jima War Memorial in prep to link up with the Final Miles Team to complete the combined mission.

About Operation Enduring Warrior:

Operation Enduring Warrior is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor, empower and motivate America’s wounded military service members. Our physical, mental and emotional rehabilitative cycle is modeled to overcome adversity and hardship through innovation, teamwork and perseverance; ultimately enabling the lives of our Wounded Warriors to go in directions they once thought impossible.

Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service functioning as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are deductible as charitable contributions. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization.

How YOU can get involved... DONATE to the team's fundraiser here:

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City Ruck Tour 2018 (CRT18) is a series of group hikes known as ruck marches designed to raise awareness of veteran needs, promote community in the heart of our nation, and honor those who have sacrificed to dutifully serve our country in both military and public service. CRT announced their second year of partnership with Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), in hopes of expanding the OEW footprint and expanding the impact to our military veteran population during the upcoming 2018 event schedule.

"Operation Enduring Warrior is fortunate to have a team member as dedicated as Danny Stokes is to our mission. There are hours and hours of time and effort required to produce, oversee, and execute an endeavor as large as this one. We were delighted to receive notice earlier this year of the current spin on last year’s highly successful series known as the Capital Ruck Tour,” said Kelly Farmer, VP of Communication for the organization. “The Capital Ruck Tour 2017 was a phenomenal event of 53 stops, approximately 600 participants altogether, 1000+ miles, and over $10,000 raised for OEW. The 2018 twist, generically named City Ruck Tour, allows for events in non-Capital cities in addition to or in place of the state’s Capital. It keeps the tour fresh and new for those participants who rucked with us last year. This year’s stops will also involve a much greater OEW presence with many members of our organization contributing their leadership and planning skills to make the event a success.”

“The Capital Ruck Tour 2017 was a phenomenal event of 53 stops, approximately 600 participants altogether, 1000+ miles, and over $10,000 raised for OEW, says Kelly Farmer, VP of Communication for Operation Enduring Warrior.

About City Ruck Tour:

The City Ruck Tour 2018 (CRT18) is a series of 60 friendly Ruck Marches hosted by Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) and led by select volunteers from OEW’s Masked Athlete Team and OEW’s Community Ambassador population. The purpose is to perform outdoor fitness in a group setting, while learning more about OEW’s mission. The average distance will be 12 miles at a 20 minute per mile pace, carrying a backpack weighing 10-20 pounds (the participant may choose how much to carry.) Local police officers will be integrated into each event, as a means to leverage the military community to assist the Law Enforcement community with matters such as traumatic stress and behavioral health.

How You Can Get Involved:

For event information and registration, visit:

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