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Behind the Mask: Dependability

Q: What does your call sign mean to you? 

A: My call sign embodies my every day purpose. Being dependable is something I was taught at a young age. You don't just show up for yourself, you show up for others. If you can't show up and perform you're less dependable. That's why you show up and perform every single day.

Q: What branch of the military did you serve in (or are currently serving in), for how long, and what was your job? 

A: I was in the Marine Corps. I was an 0311 Rifleman Infantry, 0313 LAV Crewman, and an 8023 Parachutist. I spent the last few years as a Scout Training Instructor. As we integrated the Recon elements into the Light Armored Vehicle elements we created and led a training program that allowed the LAV's to benefit from the Recon Marine skill set and vice versa.  

Q: Why did you commit to the Masked Athlete program?

A: When I left the Marine Corps I left everything behind. I didn't care about the service, I didn't care about the people, I didn't talk about our KIA, I didn't care. I simply left it behind and did what I knew how to do. I worked. I'm good at work. That's as simple as I can explain who I am. I like to work. I like to get sh*t done. I wasn't a bad person, but I wasn't a good person to anyone either. Fast forward 18 years. I went to college, graduated. I've always been athletic and I still craved that suffering suck that I'm good at. I was running the Wintergreen event. I cramped after mile 3 and had the worst race of my life and I was feeling sorry for myself. No nutrition, no planning, no water, nothing other a good support team and some grit. I came to mile 7 and I came across a team. I watched a triple amputee climb the rope and smash that bell so many times I stood there and cried. I wasn't a bad person over the past 18 years, but I wasn't a good person to anyone either. I knew what I'd been missing ... I found OEW. I made the commitment, not to make up for lost time but because I have a capability to endure, grind past comfort, and I knew what I'd been missing when I saw a fella not feel sorry for himself ... I knew exactly what I'd been missing ... 

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in becoming a MAT? 

A: Anyone who has mobility, good physicality and a strong mental grind gear can do this ... you should apply, you should try out, you should succeed or fail, you should try again. Your "WHY" should always be your yardstick to measure if you want this bad enough. If you want easy, do something else. This isn't easy.  

Q: What is your daily contribution to OEW operations? 

A: The only thing I'm good at is showing up when asked and being ready. I earn my call sign every single day, every single event. When the team finds a better Dependability that person would have earned it and I would gladly give up that call sign .. until then, it's mine. The team decides.  

Q: Motto or principle you live by. 
A: (a) show up every day (on time) (b) work to the standard (c) be kind to people (d) be tidy in your relationships.  People should know what you stand for. There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. ~Buddha

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About INDOC: The application process to apply for the Masked Athlete Team Warrior INDOC opens on an as-needed basis for a short window of submission. Requirements are men or women with military or LEO experience. Announcements are made via social media. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and check back frequently for our open enrollment announcement.

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