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Behind the Mask: Fortitude

Q: What does your call sign mean to you? A:   My call sign has a very personal meaning. I have fibromyalgia and before it was managed with medication I felt like I had lost myself, I was terrified of losing my job and I was medically discharged from the Army. I eventually found the courage and strength to gain control of my life. My call sign to me means, all it takes sometimes is the courage to take that first step forward to change your life.

Q: What branch of the military did you serve in (or are currently serving in), for how long, and what was your job? A: I was in the Army Reserves for 5 years as a Combat Medic and am currently a Police Officer.

Q: What is your best or most unforgettable OEW-related memory? A: My best memory comes from my first race. Myself and another MAT member where helping our AA's son who was with us. Watching that family heal and bond was one of the most powerful moments I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

Q: What is the best thing about being a MAT? A: I would say the best part about being a MAT is giving back to our country's heroes who have given so much.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in becoming a MAT? A: Know your why, know your exact reason why you would like to be a MAT.

Q: What would you like people to know about OEW? A: OEW is the only organization I have ever been involved in where right from the start my family and I were treated like we had known everyone all of our lives.

Q: Why did you commit to the Masked Athlete program?

A: Because somewhere there is a service member or police officer who has suffered a great tragedy and they are convinced that their life is over. I was there once myself and I want to motivate them to find themselves.

Q: Motto or principle you live by. A: A positive mental attitude can mean the difference between success or failure.

Q: How do you stay in shape for the demands of the MAT? A: I have never been very good at running but strength has always come easy. I spend most of my time running in an elevation mask to keep myself ready for an event.

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About INDOC: The application process to apply for the Masked Athlete Team, Warrior INDOC, is now an open enrollment. Pre-requisite is to have military or LEO experience with honorable discharge. E-mail: for submission details.

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